Welcome to Less IS More where the mission is to make your life easier by helping you declutter the things that don't make you smile.  Do you have:
    []  a mountain of paperwork
    []  four spare bottle openers
    []  an ugly heirloom tea set
    []  every art work your child has ever produced
    []  a half-finished craft project (or twelve)?

Unless you love them, none of these things make your life better.

We offer practical support, individualised training and online mentoring to help you separate the essentials from the clutter.

We help you let go of the guilt, along with all those items that you haven't used / finished / stored / displayed / sorted or dusted yet.

Ready to get started?  Procrastination is your biggest enemy.
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September 07, 2015

Declutter paper work"How should I deal with my piles of paperwork" or "How can I file paperwork" are questions I get all the time.

My short answer is "don't".