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Posted on January 20, 2014 by Kim Carruthers | 2 Comments

Hi everyone

Thanks for your patience while I was on nursing duty. The good news is that my mother has vastly improved. The bad news is that I’m now back home after 9 weeks of bachelor habitation.  The lemon tree has died of neglect (although the succulents did survive the experience). There are 889000 messages on the answerphone. The stack of paperwork is taller than the 5 year old. I’m scared to look much further.


The first step in any big clean up and declutter project is to take a deep breath and DON’T PANIC. There is no way I can get this place back  in shape in a day, so I’m not going to try. 

I’m going to start in the bathroom, because there isn’t THAT much to do in the bathroom, and slowly move on from there.


So today’s declutter challenge is to simply START on the bathroom. We aren’t even going to try to declutter, just

a) throw out any obvious empty bottles and packets that are laying around

b) put the toilet rolls in the bin

c) empty the rubbish bin

d) throw the towels in the wash if they need it.

e) add toilet paper, shampoo and toothpaste and new toothbrushes to the shopping list if required. 


Give it a go.

If you are in a more advanced state of decluttering, pick a bathroom shelf and go for it!



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January 22, 2014


Very true – I was mercifully spared the toilet rolls, but I know they are common bathroom theme, so they get a special mention.

And yes it is very important to empower the the kids by teaching them that they CAN do these jobs. Get em while they are young and before the novelty of ‘helping’ wears off. Junior is currently being trained to take out the compost – he thinks he is the bees knees for having such a responsible job and his sister is glad to delegate her least favorite chore.


January 20, 2014

Hi -

congrats on your mother improving! that’s great news! I’m about to leave to do the same with mine so your story is an instant inspiration.

but I do have to ask (and please please don’t take this as a criticism, more of an overall-how-our-lives-have-gotten observation – really? after 9 weeks NO ONE in your family could put the toilet rolls in the bin or take out the bin for that matter? are all us women spoiling our families by doing all this all the time?

I"m doing the same, but I have to ask, really???

anyway, congrats again on your mom. that is the most important thing!

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