What lurks in the "other bedroom"?

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Kim Carruthers | 0 Comments

This might be your spare bedroom, kids room or (god forbid) the 'junk room' but regardless of what room you work on this week, we are all going to do the same thing ... just get rid of all the rubbish.

Empty the waste paper bins (all the way out to the big bin), empty the shredder if there is one, pick up all the rubbish and recycling and get rid of it. Take the dead flowers to the compost, pick up the muesli bar wrappers from under the kids' beds (so much for my 'no food in the bedroom' rule...). 

Don't agonize about the hard items, just dispose of the obvious rubbish.

You will be amazed how much of the 'clutter' in any room is actually just rubbish.  Making a first pass through the room with a rubbish bag in your hand is a quick and easy way to get started, get motivated, and set the scene for making a big difference.

I find a broom is handy to hook things out from under beds, and to give the spiders a scare while I'm doing this job.  You might even be able to motivate the kids to help - no school lunches made until they've handed in 15 items of rubbish from their room.



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