Decluttering the pantry. One shelf at a time.

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Sorting out the pantry can save you time and money. Keeping everything up to date and having an idea of what's on the shelves allows you to plan your meals and shop more efficiently. Throwing out old food creates more space. It's also good to check for any unwanted visitors such as pantry moths or ants or even, heaven forbid, mice.

Start on the bottom shelf and work your way up. Remove everything from one shelf only, wipe it down and then check everything for use by dates. If it’s out of date it goes in the bin. Move the newest items to the back and the oldest to the front so that they get used first.

I use IKEA clips to seal plastic food bags to prevent spillage and keep pantry moths away. I also like IKEA slide-in baskets to keep things together. They easy to access so I don’t have to burrow to get to the things lurking in the back of the shelf.


As you go, create a shopping list of the things that are missing and also the things you don’t need to buy because you are overstocked. We have three jars of peanut butter but no Vegemite!

Keep all the cleaning products on the top shelf out of harms way.

My before and after shots.


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