School uniforms are obsolete! Part 2 of 3 of the post HSC declutter.

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Post HSC is a great opportunity to clear out the cupboards of your 17/18 year old and make way for the next chapter in their lives. This week I have taken great pleasure in purging the cupboard of all things High School.

My son had an expensive school blazer so I paid for it to be dry-cleaned and then sold it to another mother who has a younger son who is attending the same school. There is also a second-hand shop at his school where you can donate items in good condition and the funds go towards school programs.

The shirts and ties were washed and given away to other parents with children at the school. I kept his senior tie as a memento as it is small and easy to store.

The pants, shoes, school bag and socks were thrown out. They were ripped and stained and not in any condition to be passed on.

We had a good look at his nearly empty wardrobe and threw out all the non-school clothes that no longer fit, hung up what I realised was a vast collection of t-shirts and wrote a list of new things he would need for Summer because he had just about outgrown everything. (excluding t-shirts!)

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