Freeing up space in the fridge

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So many of us have fridges heaving with condiments and sauces that are out of date or just never used. Doing a declutter of your fridge allows you take stock of what you have, and you never know, you may just be inspired to finally use that Malaysian curry sauce that was given to you for Christmas last year! If not, throw it out. They’ll never know!

Prepare: Take a photo. Move your empty rubbish bin with liner to where you can easily dump things in there. Assemble wet and dry rags for wiping down shelves – as you go. Grab a piece of paper or shopping list pad and pen for a shopping list of items that need to be replaced. Set your timer for 20 - 30 minutes. Off you go!

Remember - one shelf at a time. That way if it gets too much you can walk away without a mountain of food warming itself on your kitchen floor.

Start at the top and work your way down so if there are any drips or spillages you won’t ruin all your good work.

Empty the top shelf. Check everything for use by dates. Out of date goes in the rubbish. Wipe down the bottom of any jars that have become sticky.  If you want to replace what you’ve thrown out – write it down on your shopping list. Just think though – if you didn’t use those capers from 2006 in six years do you really need to buy another jar?

Wipe down the shelf. Replace what’s left back on the shelf with labels facing outward so you can see what you’ve got. Like with like is ideal. Mustards together, sauces, spreads etc

Try and use the space as efficiently as you can. Small things on the smaller shelves. Tall things on the tall shelves.

Keep going until the timer says to stop.

Empty the bin, take your ‘after’ photo. Celebrate success!

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