Shoes - wear them or donate them

Posted on June 13, 2015 by Belinda Cameron | 0 Comments

My next project has been to clear out the shoe collection.

I've done something really nasty to my Achilles tendon, so a lot of old favourites have had to go as I can't bear to walk in them any more. OK, ok, so I've never been really good with high heels anyway, so might have been a little glad of the excuse to finally give up.

The same drill works for shoes - three labeled bags - summer, donate, rubbish.

Anything too worn or nasty to donate can go straight in the rubbish. I'm not sure how I ended up with three orphan left shoes, but I did. One 'pair' I don't even remember buying. They've all gone, along with the black thongs that were a pale shade of grey. 

The donate bag received all the Achilles killers and anything the big kid had grown out of. I have a second bag for the tribe of little boys next door, who get all the little lad's hand me downs.

Finally sandals and anything for summer went in their bag in the top of the wardrobe (or you may just prefer to move them to the back of the shoe rack.

Now I just need to persuade myself to vacuum the bottom of the shoe cupboard. Wish me luck with that.



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