Plastic storage surfeit

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Today let’s go after the plastic storage containers.   Most of us have a "Tupperware collection" of some description.

This project can seem overwhelming so pace yourself. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and just do what you can.  DON'T pull the entire contents of the cupboard out onto the floor first - that will just lead to frustration.

Grab anything that is obviously rubbish/damaged/surplus, and pop it straight into the bin/recycling/donation box.

Now get rid of everything scratched (they leech nasty chemicals) or that doesn't seal properly.

Start by stacking all the similar items together, and put their lids beside them.

Match what is left with lids, and recycle the orphans.

Now put anything that you haven't used in the last year in the donation box. Normally I say '3 months' but I give this stuff a little longer as I know I will use the plastic cake-carrier during party season, and that kid lunch box needs are different in winter.

Do you save old plastic food containers?   I know it is tempting, especially if you do make meals for others, take baking to events or have kids who lose containers at school.  Pare it right back - remember that you are accumulating new ice-cream/margarine containers all the time as you empty them.

I've recycled all our Glad 'single use' containers that have done several months of freezer/dishwasher/lunchbox service and replaced them with a fresh set.  I'm also going to accept that the lids of the Decor containers aren't coming back from school (I think they were used for digging in the flower beds) and recycle them too.

Finish the job by emptying the re-cycling bin if it is getting full.

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