Christmas wrapping supplies

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Have you started wrapping gifts yet?  Before you start, let’s take a chance to de-clutter our wrapping and card supplies.

I want you to go on a treasure hunt around the house and accumulate all your Christmas items. Find all the wrap, ribbons, string, tape, scissors, tags and labels  that you have and put them in a box.

Chances are you have cards and gift wrap saved  from last Christmas or general wrap that can be used.

It is also a good time to take a quick look in sewing and craft boxes, to find what can be re-cycled for gift wrapping ribbon, tags or wrap.  Do you have fabric that you won’t use? Use it for gift wrap.

Your kid’s art backlog makes excellent gift wrap (and it is already cut into nice usable sizes).

What don’t you have enough of?  Put gift tags or labels, ribbon or wrap  on the shopping list if you are short of supplies.  Remember that Santa never buys the same gift wrap or ribbon that you do.

I strongly suggest only buying 2 or 3 types of wrap -  one in a Christmas pattern, a plain one that is re-usable for the rest of the year (e.g. gold, silver, green or red) and one to leave out for Santa.

Then get a plain ribbon for the festive paper, and festive ribbon for the plain paper. This approach will both reduce the leftovers, and keep your gifts looking coordinated.

Put everything in a box so that when you start wrapping you have everything you need to hand, and so we can find it to de-clutter it again in January.

Put aside some time this week to have a wrapping session - there is nothing worse than trying to do it all on Christmas eve.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, just do this for all your regular gift wrap/cards.  My rule of thumb for them is 1 roll of boy wrap, 1 roll of girl wrap, and one roll of unisex grown up wrap. Then personalize them with a ribbon.

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