Christmas decorations

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Today let’s find out what we have in the way of decorations.

I’m going to go through storage and amalgamate all the decorations, tinsel, ribbons, lights and the tree stand.

Most of us seem to have 2-3 times too much for any 1 tree to support. Before we get the tree is a good time to pare down.

I’m going to cull down the ‘generic’ ornaments. Everything chipped or nasty is going in the bin, including the painted Hungarian one that is too badly smashed to fix, despite how much I love it.  There are a few that I know are too heavy for our tree, and can be donated, as will all the duplicates (how did we end up with three felt Henry XIII anyway?).

Test the lights. If they don’t work, repair or dispose of them.

I’ve recycled several old flat ornaments as gift tags – I used a sharpie marker to write on one side of them.  I’m going to use the excess tinsel to tie up gifts, as well as the stuff in colours that that PROVES my husband is colour blind.

Now it is down to a manageable quantity it should be possible to decorate the tree without making it fall over.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, take this chance to de-clutter your other holiday and festival decorations.

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