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If you’d like a challenge today, dive into your Christmas wrapping stores.

We talked about this before Christmas, and now that the wrapping is done is a good time to go back and re-visit.

My theory is that I should have no more than three rolls of paper on hand at most.

I will only save one roll of Christmas paper (the generic gold) that I can use as a unisex birthday/housewarming/baby-shower gift wrap through the year. Then with 1 roll of 'boy' and 1 roll of 'girl' paper, and a roll of pink, blue and green ribbon I am covered for pretty much any occasion.

I also love the idea of buying a set of calico draw-string bags (eBay has some great ones).  They are less expensive than a paper gift bag and make wrapping really easy.  I still get to personalize them with a pretty ribbon/tag, but the wrap is re-usable over and over, or provides a handy bag for storing the gift in if it is a toy or something that needs to be protected or kept together.


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