Albums or Fire Alarm

Posted on January 19, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Photos/ memorabilia/scrapbooks team

Keep going with the sorting/labelling of photos until it is complete. This may take more than a single session for anyone with a large stack of photos.  If you have finished and want to skip ahead, go to the  how-to page.


Otherwise, take a minute to check the battery on your file alarm.  You can press the button in the middle, or in some cases shine a torch on it.  Put a new battery on the shopping list if you need one.  If you don’t have a fire alarm in each bedroom, please, please, please get one.  They are about $10 from any hardware store or post office, and save lives.  I lost a school mate and her beautiful little girl to a house fire – please don’t let this happen to your family.



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