Computer, power and gismo cables

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We are going to work up to some serious paperwork efforts in February. But this week we are just going to focus on getting our office/desk/study in order.

If you have cables lying around, assemble them in a designated spot so you always know where to find one.  I use a box that lives in the bottom of the computer cabinet.

Go on a treasure hunt through the house and look for all the abandoned or unused leads, chargers and cables in drawers, cupboards and electrical outlets.  Don't move them if they in use or in a designated spot, just gather up all the ones to store, sort or cull.


I’m going to go through that box today.   If I don't recognise it, I don't need it (I do try to label them as they come into the house so I know what they belong to).  Even if I do recognise it, I don’t need more than two of it.

I somehow accumulate extension cords and power boards  - these will go in a school bag to be sent to school – they always need more.  If the box starts to overflow, something has to go.


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