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The front of the fridge sets the tone for the kitchen.

First of all take a look at the magnets. Just because it has your plumbers phone number on it doesn't mean it has to be stuck there (unless you like it).  The same goes for ugly souvenir magnets.

I'm picky about fridge magnets as the fridge door is such an important family spot.  I want good strong magnets that will hold a heavy artwork or postcard without falling off every time the toddler slams the door diligently.

I’m also going to take a photo of any ‘kid art’ that has accumulated on the fridge if I want to save it.

Taking a photo shrinks it from A3 to 6”x4”. The art will quietly go in the bin (or be posted to Grandma),

I'm also going tp put postcards and other memorabilia that I want for the scrapbook into the Memorabilia folder.

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