Mobile Phone backup - last chance

Posted on February 08, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Let's get this job finished.

If you are going with the 'pencil and paper' method, keep working on  your pencil and paper version.

If you are going to take your phone to the phone shop, schedule a time to do it, or better still, do it today.

If you are going to back up to your computer yourself, you should have the instructions by now. Grab your computer, your phone and have a go.


While you are at it put an ICE number in your phone. What is an ICE number? No, NOT the number of your dealer. It stands for In Case of Emergency, and means that if you are in an accident, your phone can tell emergency services who to call on your behalf.  So decide who you'd want called in case of emergency, and put their number in your phone under the name ICE.




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