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How much algae is growing inside your rubber duck?

I'm going to earn my 'meanest mum in the whole wide world' title here, and say that each kid should have no more than 3 bath toys each.

Too many choices make kids stressed and cranky. Too many toys to clean up make parents stressed and cranky.  Make bathtime easier on all of you and cull the bath toys.

When you've got them pared down to 3 each (and you will easily recognise the three favourites) it will be easy to give each toy a good squeeze when you jump in the shower yourself each day, keeping the mould inside at bay.

An added bonus - if they only have 3 each, it will make them work on their sharing skills (or their screaming).

If you'd like to do something about the algae, grab a small bowl, 1/2 fill it with bulk white vinegar (you will sense a theme here), squeeze the toy dry and get it to suck up the vinegar.  Leave the toys out-of-the-way somewhere overnight, and squirt them out in the morning. Rinse the outside, not the inside - the remaining vinegar residue will keep working.


Toy storage ideas?  I hang bath toys in a mesh laundry delicates bag, off the bottom of the shower caddy.  The mesh lets them dry, and the kids can see what they want inside without taking the whole lot out.  Tell the offspring that they aren't allowed a towel until the toys are put back in the bag  - in cold weather in particular they will be only too eager to help.


My kids still seem to like me - honestly.

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