Bathroom: Lotions, potions, perfumes

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We think we will use it 'one day'.  If the one day wasn't in the last month, then it is time to get rid of it.

Saving it for a special occasion: If you are keeping it for a 'special occasion' then it is time to declare today a special occasion and use that perfume or make-up before it goes off.

Gifts: The person who gives you a gift wants you to be happy. If the handcream gives you a rash, you don't like the smell, or you just never get time to put on hand cream, donate it or dump it.  To avoid gifts like this, make yourself a wish list through the year, so that when someone asks you want you want for your birthday you can give them hints about something you'd really like.

Cosmetics: Fashions change. Bugs grow. Don't try to keep that lipstick until violent orange comes back in - it will be a microbial mess by then, and give you spots. Let the kids write on the shower wall with it (today), or throw it out.

Makeup remover:  I'd suggest holding on to a bottle even if you don't wear makeup any more. It is good for removing all sorts of things, ranging from triathlon race numbers that won't budge from your shoulder to  stubborn face paint and lipstick art work that expanded from your shower wall to your paintwork without approval.


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