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Posted on February 19, 2012 by Kim Carruthers | 2 Comments

I'm always a little worried about talking about storage, because so often people's first comment about clutter is 'I need more storage'.

Sorry, but more storage just leads to more clutter, unless:

a) it helps you find things so you don't buy more

b) it helps you find things so you don't buy more

c) it helps you find things so you don't buy more

d) it makes things easier to put away so you don't leave them lying around.

The Ikea plastic bag dispenser came up at the course on Wednesday - here is a picture so everyone knows what I'm talking about.  It is a really handy little gizmo, and I also use it in the kids room for dispensing nappies, and keeping underwear and socks in a way that kids (even the toddler) can easily find them (and put them away).

To avoid condiment buildup (a huge source of fridge and cupboard clutter), a turntable/Lazy Susan can really help.



To store Tupperware without it going everywhere I use a tub (Ikea again) with a pot-lid holder (Howards) cable-tied (sorry Dad) to the side.


With very little kitchen space, where to put the recycling, and make it easy to carry out is a challenge.

I like these Ikea baskets. They have a flat back, meaning that they go against the wall well, and I can put two back to back, and one at the end which lets me carry three out to the bins together in one hand with a rubbish bag in the other.


These Howards Storage fridge baskets (sorry about the lousy photo) are everywhere at my place.  They keep things together on open shelves, so are in the pantry to store the canned tuna, in the kids room holding collections of small toys like cars and Lego, and in the bathroom cupboard.  When getting things out of an awkward space being able to slide the whole basket out and put it on the bench to rummage makes it much more likely that things will keep together and go back on the shelf together. But DO remember to put a label on the handle so everyone knows what is in there and what should go BACK in there!

 But once again, storage is not the whole solution, it is a tool.  Have a good de-clutter FIRST, then decide what storage you need to help you keep what is left under control. And notice that these are all storage items that help organize things INSIDE existing storage, not new cupboards.









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February 19, 2012

Great timing – thanks Kim! Midway through sorting pantry cupboard.


February 19, 2012

Coralie – nice to know it is helping.

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