Paperwork: Medical receipts – let’s make some money

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I'm guessing you've got several hundred dollars worth of un-claimed medical receipts somewhere in that pile.


To make it very very easy to claim when you receive the receipts, put a stack of pre-filled forms (with envelopes and stamps)  in your paperwork folder.


Lets start with Medicare 


Fill in your unchanging details like name, Medicare number and bank for deposit (so you don’t have to bank a cheque). Write the postal address  across the top of the form (Medicare Australia, GPO Box 9822, Your capital city).  Photocopy or print a dozen and put them in your concertina folder. Then when you get a bill, just fill in the name and date, and post it off. 


Bonus points (definitely worthwhile if you are on your way to see an expensive specialist). Take the pre-filled claim form, envelope and stamp with you to the appointment. Ask the receptionist nicely if she would print you a 2nd copy of the receipt (for your temporary records). While you are standing at the desk, fill in the other couple of details, and put the claim form and receipt straight in the envelope and ask the receptionist to put it in her outgoing mail tray.  That way you will get the refund before you have to pay your visa bill.


The same technique will work for your health fund (they may even accept online or fax claims - take the time to checkout your health fund website)


DON'T spend hours queuing at the Medicare office. For starters, there are sick people there - you are going to catch the latest lurgy just by breathing the air. Don't waste 1/2 an hour of your time for the price of a 60C stamp.

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