Paperwork: Birth Certificates, Diplomas, Passports, title deeds …

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There are a very few bits of paperwork that we absolutely and totally need.

Today I want you to go on a hunt, and if they aren’t stored safely, get them all together into a single safe place.

I like to use one display folder – the one with the clear plastic pockets  (

for each member of the family.


Unfold all those precious documents so they don’t disintegrate along the fold lines, and slip them in.   If you have copies, slip them in behind.  If you ever need to get notarised copies, always get two, and slip the spare in with the original so you don’t have to worry about getting it notarized next time you need a copy.


Passports can be opened up, so that they sit flatter in the folder (while you are at it, check that they aren’t going to expire in the next year – to get a travel visa most countries require 6 months validity left when you LEAVE the country).


Put these folders in a very safe place.  And if you have time, take a copy of all of them and leave the details somewhere safe off-site (e.g. Grandma’s place) so if you have a fire it will be easier to get replacements because you know all the numbers and details.


If you are electronic, take a scan or even just photograph the documents  - being able to look up these details easily will save you a lot of time.

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