What to do with memorabilia that you already have?

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First of all I want you to ask your self do you really WANT to keep it? Is it still a happy memory?

Can you still recognize the people, place or date?

Unless it was a major event, just keep the 1-2 photos + invitation or ticket that tell the story, not all 15 you took to try to get your child looking at the camera.

Bin the negatives – seriously, you are never going to get them re-printed. Well, maybe just save the last one you have and put it in the album for posterity – the kids will want to know what those funny brown things are.


Sort it by date

Label 1 big or 2 small concertina folders with a tab for each year (going backwards from this year).   Leave a spare tab or two at the front to store your photo safe pen and glue

[supplies][2011] [2010] [2009] [2008] [2007] [2006] …

Start with the smallest box or memorabilia first

If you are going to keep an item, write on the back with a photo safe pen details like date, who, where and why. File it under the correct date.


Read then Dump

If you know you want to read something once then dump it, move it to a separate file that you keep beside the toilet or beside your bed. When you get a moment, read it, rip it in half and bin it.

Put a date a month from now on the ‘read then dump’ box – if you aren’t making significant progress in reading the backlog in a month’s time, dump it all.  (Martine – I’m staring at you right now)


Scrapbook it

Now you should have a concertina folder of memorabilia left that you want to keep.

If scanning, feed them through the scanner, and check that they have scanned. File them by year/month.


Work backwards in time (2011, then 2010 …) pop them in an album (or online album). Don’t be precious. The kids will appreciate a rough and ready LABELED album far more than they will appreciate a shoe box full of random photos.


Scrapbook options


30x30 cm format gives you plenty of space to work.

Black backgrounds look great, but make sure you get a pen which will show up (e.g. silver)

Removable pages give you flexibility



Momento (www.Momento.com.au) and similar packages have powerful editing features, but require some time to learn to use them.

Generic (www.Photomax.com.au etc). Simpler to use, less features, but get the job done, and often cheaper to print.



If you do a little at a time each time we are working on memorabilia you will quickly get the backlog licked.

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