Kid Art – time to get the camera out

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Keep a monthly gallery on the fridge. At the end of the month choose the best one for each child, and immortalize it.

◦Take a photo of child holding the art work. This approach works especially well for 3D work like the dreaded clay pinch pot, AND visually records how old they were when they did it.

◦Take a photo of the art work. This reduces it from A3 to 6”x4”.

◦Scan the art work

◦A3 art makes great gift wrap or disposable table mats


It is wonderful to have some examples of their art. But they need space to grow and play more than they need all 278 pictures they have drawn since they learnt to hold a crayon.

Helping them to de-clutter their art is one of the most important ways you can start to teach your children to manage clutter.

“But if I don’t take this one off the fridge, you won’t have room to create me more beautiful pictures”



So today I want you to deal with 3 items of kid’s art. More if you can manage it, but at least 3.

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