Kids and Clutter – let’s start with clothes (it works for grown up kids too!)

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This week’s theme by popular request is Kids & Clutter - how do we make the clutter stop with us, and avoid raising a next generation of clutterers? But don’t worry if you don’t have kids – this technique works just as well for yourself or your furkids.


Kids’ stuff is (usually) Clothes, Books, Toys, Collections and Sports or hobby stuff

The first stage in helping them stay clutter-free is to TALK to them about clutter.

What you say will depend on the age of your kids, but consider topics like:

[]  “We’ve just bought you a new shirt – help me choose which one we should donate to someone who needs it more than us”

[]  “Santa is coming. If your toy shelves are too full he will think you don’t need any more toys”

[]  “Your drawer is overflowing. Let’s take out all the clothes that don’t fit any more so you can find the ones that do”.

[]  “I bet teddy is lonely sitting up on that shelf not being played with – let’s find him a little girl who will play with her a lot”.


For the first part of the week let’s focus on clothes. One day the kids will start buying their own clothes, so we need to teach them how to plan their clothes buying as early as possible.


It is also that time of the year when clothes have to change with the weather, so it is a great time to have a major clothes de-clutter.


Involving your kids in a big clothes (or any other) de-clutter is probably just going to stress you both out. Either:

[]  you do the first cull of their rooms (because that is the hardest) or

[]  work with them gradually on small tasks – a single drawer, a category of toys, or a small shelf of books. 15 minute tasks that match their attention spans.

[]  Do NOT trash the house while doing this. Don’t take out more than you can get rid of / put away in the time available.

[]  Work one drawer at a time, and put everything that you haven’t discarded BACK into the drawer before going on to the next drawer.

[]  Don’t try to de-clutter and re-arrange at the same time. Just de-clutter, and the re-arrangement will take care of itself.


So this week’s starting task is to go through your children’s clothes drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard and get rid of anything …

[]  too small. Not just too small now, but items that will be too small by next season. If it is the beginning of autumn and a bathing suit just fits now, it will NOT fit by next summer.

[]  more than 2 sizes too big (don’t store more than 2 sizes ahead – pass them on)

[]  grotty, dirty, ripped

[]  which you hate

[]  that your children hates

[]  which is way outside the colour scheme


If you have a major clothes build-up this is not a single day job (unless you can devote a few hours to it), so keep chipping away at it 15 minutes at a time until it is under control.

If you have multiple children, I’d suggest you start with the YOUNGEST child’s clothes first so you know what hand-me-downs they need (and more importantly DON’T need) from their older siblings.

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