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You will find that there are items of clothing that you don’t want to part with.


It may be the outfit your child wore on the first day of school, or a particularly cute baby outfit. Try to keep it to 2 sentimental items maximum.  And keep photos rather than the actual item if possible.


If not try to choose small items (a baby dress, not a huge bath robe).


Are you keeping these clothes for yourself to look at or be worn? If you are expecting them to be worn by your potential future grandchildren, how will you feel if they get dirty? Ripped? Aren’t liked?  Be kind to your future daughter-in-law and don’t keep clothes just to inflict them on her, or at least keep them to be worn at grandma’s house (assuming you get to be a grandma – are you putting extra pressure on your kids here?). 


I’m fortunate enough not to have been expected to force my kid to wear my husband’s first day of school outfit only to be given a guilt trip because he got it DIRTY, but  I  do know mums who have experienced just that.  Having a monther-in-law who is a ‘chucker’ is a real godsend – consider doing this wonderful thing for your future daughter-in-law.

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