Kids & Clutter: So how does all that clothes stuff help my kids avoid being clutterers?

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There is no magic bullet – all you can do is model good behaviour yourself, and let it catch on.

 But you can show them, then teach them, then let them use the techniques we’ve just talked about to plan and shop for their clothes.

- get rid of clothes they aren't using and won't use

- see what they already have

- write down what their weekly needs will be for the next seasons/6 months.

- Shop in their hand-me-downs and put-a-ways from last season first.

- Make a shopping list ONLY TO FILL THE REMAINING GAPS

- Avoid recreational shopping and impulse buys

- Shop twice a year for clothes – once for summer and once for winter.



Using the planner BEFORE you go shopping is a great way to avoid clutter in the first place. Often we THINK our kids need an item, only to buy it then discover we had one in the ‘hand me down’ box, or in the back of the drawer that we’d forgotten about.

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