Clothes de-cluttering – time to put everything back to rights

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I hope the exercise over the last few days has helped you de-clutter your wardrobe and get a wardrobe organized for the coming season.


Now let’s pause to make sure we’ve put everything away. I’ve got a couple of big tubs of summer and ‘too big’ clothes sitting beside the wardrobe that need to be put up into storage. 


My clothes are done, and I’ve purchased a few new items (I can hear Peggy fainting in the background at that comment).  The tall girl has a wardrobe that will get her through winter in warmth and as much style as we can muster around here.


I’ve too many clothes for the little guy, but I will pare those down as he puts them on in the mornings and discovers they are too big, too small or ‘those yukky Mummy’.  It isn’t easy to get a toddler to try on an entire box full of hand-me-downs, and I didn’t try.    The ones that are too small will go straight into the donate box that sits in the kids room and the big ones into a plastic bag that I’ve left in his drawer labelled ‘too big’.


If you’ve got behind or gone astray along the way with your wardrobe de-cluttering, or want more pointers you can check

If you want some wardrobe advice I can’t recommend Jennifer from FashionParte highly enough for advice on what to wear.    She has proved a very popular speaker at my de-cluttering classes, and my students who have had her follow up sessions look amazing.


Oh, and for those who were speculating – the mystery anniversary weekend was to Melborne! Very exciting and much appreciated.

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