You can call it a boot or call it a trunk, but what ever you decide to call it .... de-clutter it

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You guessed it, we are going back to the car.

Grab everything out of the boot that doesn’t belong. Give it the boot – rubbish, recycle, re-home, return, donate – you know the drill (or can look it up here).

Things get tangled up rattling around in the boot. To keep them under control I use laundry delicates bags to store things like tow ropes and jumper leads. Then I keep them and the rest of my car care stuff (wiper fluid, wash sponge, a huge shirt to slip over my clothes for changing a tire, spare hub caps to repair my parking failures …) in an old backpack to keep them all together. If I need to get under the boot liner to get to the spare tire all I need to do is lift out the backpack, instead of 20 individual items.

It is amazing how much more space I have in the boot when I’ve packed these things away.

 I also need to do another drop off at the charity shop - it is amazing how quickly those bags fill up.

If you don’t have a car, clean out your yoga bag, gym bag, backpack or nappy bag.

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