Bathroom de-cluttering: Lotions and potions

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Now I’m not going to name names, but if you own a dog called Ruby this post is particularly directed at you.

Bathrooms cupboards tend to fill up because we are given or buy a lot of lotions, potions, perfumes and creams that we think we SHOULD use and MIGHT use SOME DAY.

But we really aren’t going to.


if it is un-opened and still beautifully boxed, put in the donation box. It will make someone smile when they find it at the charity shop.  If you used  a little when you bought it (2 years ago) then dump it now – it is a germ soup – why put that on your face? Everything else, if you haven’t used it in the last month, you probably aren’t going to. 


Obviously things like cough drops that you use when you have a cold, or band aids can stay if you know you will use them 'soon.’


You’ve probably still got several shelves left of things that you think you might or should use. I’d like you to try Pandora’s Box – stick it all in a box. Leave the box somewhere handy (under the bed), and put a date on it. Write a date on it 1 month from today, and put that date in your diary. In the mean time if you want something from the box, take it – you obviously do use it. The on that date, put the whole box in the bin.  It is an easy way to get clutter out of your life without heartache.

You can do it!

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