De-clutter the shower caddy

Posted on May 09, 2012 by lessismo | 2 Comments

I don’t know about yours, but my shower caddy always seems to fill up with shampoo bottles with ‘just a little left’, chips of soap, and algae ridden bath toys.

So squeeze and suck a bit of water into the shampoo bottles, give them a good shake and use the last of the shampoo.  If you don’t use that sort of shampoo, use it to scrub down the shower walls next time. Putting a rubbish bin in the bathroom somewhere that you can still reach from the shower helps with the ongoing de-cluttering.  

Toss any shower mitts, bits of pumice or other beauty aids that you really never get around to using.  You will feel far less guilt if you just get rid of them.

Choose the sharpest razor, and dump the rest.

To clean out bath toys, squeeze out the air and pour in in cheap white vinegar. Give them a good shake and leave them over night.  The vinegar kills off the mould but isn’t as toxic as bleach.

Now, enjoy your shower in peace!

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Kim C
Kim C

May 09, 2012

Hope that helps. there is the option of bleach, but I try to avoid that as it is a bit of a hazard to skin/clothes/eyes so has to be handled much more carefully and therefore doesn’t get done.


Belinda Bennett
Belinda Bennett

May 09, 2012

Kim, Thanks so much for the vinegar suggestion for bath toys. I’ve been wondering what to do with the much loved but very manky dinosaurs. Bicarb of soda doesn’t work!

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