De-clutter some dust: Reversing our Ceiling Fans

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I’m going to swap our ceiling fans from ‘summer’ to ‘winter’ mode today.

For those who have never seen the little button, there is a switch (usually on top of the big round bit of the fan) that says ‘summer’ or ‘winter’. It changes the direction of the fan, so that in summer it ‘sucks’ cold air up from the floor, and in winter it ‘blows’ hot air down from the ceiling.

This will save you money on your power bill (and we all love a de-cluttered electricity bill)  and save carbon.  It is much cheaper to leave the fan on a low setting and re-use that hot air, than to pay to heat more.

It is also a good example to the kids of reduce/reuse/recycle, and the fact that hot air rises (I think there is a politician joke to be made out of that).


While I’m up there (please use a ladder or something safe to stand on) I’m going to dust it.  To avoid a family asthma attack, I’ve discovered that the easiest way to dust a ceiling fan is as follows:

a) find a large, preferably dark coloured, pillow case.

b) Wet it and ring it out well.

c) Open it up and pull it carefully over each blade of the ceiling fan.

d) Hold your forearms tight on each side of the blade (over the pillowcase) and drag it off the fan blade, with the dust trapped in side.

e) Repeat for each blade of the fan.

f) wipe any remaining dust off the fan with the clean outside of the pillowcase.

g) turn the pillowcase inside out and throw it in the wash (or if your housekeeping is as marginal as mine, you may find you need to rinse it out first to avoid the whole load getting muddy).


I hope that helps you to keep your electricity bill down this year.

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