De-clutter–Books in the living room.

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I’m sure there are at least one or two books lurking in the living room that you are either never going to read again, already have in e-book format, or need to return to a friend or the library. I’m not asking you to go through the entire book case, just to grab 5 off the shelf that need some sort of action. Every  little bit of de-cluttering adds up.


Have a good think about the best way to get them returned. When will you see your friend next? What bag will you be carrying? Will you be driving. Stash it in the car if you will driver to her house, or pop it in your gym bag if you meet there.


Freeing up space in the living room will let you put away books that have begun to tower in a threatening way in the bedroom, on the coffee table or beside the loo.

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