Living room de-cluttering - sometimes size DOES matter

Posted on May 31, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Sometimes we get so bogged down de-cluttering the little items that we forget we have the ability to make a big victory somewhere else.


Today is the last day I’m going to spend de-cluttering in the living room, and I’m going to find the biggest item that we don’t need and get rid of it.


Actually, for me that is an easy de-cluttering choice as I’ve just bought a nice new living room chair (it is still  so new the kids are still being screamed at for using it as gym equipment).  I’m going to take out the hand-me-down, badly re-finished, screw-loose , no longer very comfortable Poang Chair and put it out for collection.


What is the biggest thing in your living room that you don’t use?  Think of how much space you could free up if you sent it off to a new home. If it is something heavy please remember to use proper lifting technique. If you need help, don’t try to do it all today – make this the day that you book a council pickup or ring a charity and ask if they want it.


De-clutter the big stuff and enjoy having more room to live in the living room.

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