Bedroom de-cluttering: is there a spot in the bedroom that is so bad you can’t touch it?

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Sometimes an idea that sounds simple like “let’s de-clutter the top of the chest of drawers today”  can be impossibly overwhelming. Especially if the spot has become really nasty (dust or a coffee spill) or has difficult decisions or bad memories attached (postcards from the ex?).


I’m not mentioning any names, but I’m also refusing to touch the top of my husband’s chest of drawers or  a certain midden in the  kids’ room.  There is de-cluttering, and then there is bio-hazard clean up, and neither spot is mine.


In an attempt to motivate the perpetrators to do something about it we are having a ‘5 items a day’ program.  The Father / Daughter competition means that they are nagging each other rather than me being the bad guy.  And it is easy to find the first 5 (or 25) items, and they usually aren’t hard to part with (empty band aid wrappers, popsicle sticks, coins  ….).  With a little luck by the time they get down to the few items that really are difficult to de-clutter it will be easy because they’ve got into the spirit of it, and will want to finish the job (or just beat  each other to it).


So if you have an area that is just too nasty to tackle, don’t try. Just pick up 5 items from it and deal with them.   We will keep that up through this week, and by the end of the week your scary spot will be de-cluttered. Or at least a lot less scary. And you might even have a burst of enthusiasm and do a bit more along the way. 


Anne – I’m thinking of your boxes as I type this.


Oh, and a very warm welcome to the new members who’ve joined us since the Women’s Weekly article came out. If you’d like to send me an email about who you are and what your de-cluttering goals and issues are I’d love to hear from you – I tailor blog posts to things I know we are working on. 

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