Bedroom De-cluttering–I know I keep talking about pillows

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On another positive note, I’ve now vacuumed, mopped and brushed the last of the fire extinguisher residue up, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new dishwasher this afternoon.   While I’m waiting for that I’ve just put one pillow in the donation box.


I know I mentioned this last time we were working on the bedroom, but how many of us have spare pillows taking up a lot of space in the top of the wardrobe.


It is tempting to keep an old one for ‘spare’ or ‘slumber parties’, but they take up SO much space that it is just not worth if you are already short of storage space in the bedroom.  They also decay and get dusty, so let someone else get use out of them rather than letting them moulder in the cupboard.  Charities will distribute them to people who’ve just suffered a fire, women’s refuges and others in need.


If you regularly have sofa guests, then keep a sofa cushion that can do double duty with a pillow case when guests arrive. 


If your kids have slumber parties, consider establishing a ‘byo pillow’ policy. They may as well be bashing each other over the head with their own pillows rather than trashing yours, and it is not like there is going to be any slumber anyway, so why do they need a pillow?



Other news:   I’ve also been invited to give a talk to a group down in Canberra on de-cluttering, so will need to get out the winter woollies!

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