Bedroom de-cluttering: Do you have too much bed linen?

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The good news is that I’ve finally finished cleaning up after our little fire extinguisher adventure, and caught up on the dishes.  It was lucky that I’d de-cluttered the kitchen cupboard recently, as everything had to

be pulled out to plumb in the  new dishwasher.  


Now back to the bedroom …

I’m lucky enough not to have a linen closet. I say that because it means that I don’t have space to clutter up with linen we don’t use.


My rule of thumb for bed linen is “One set for each bed on the bed, and one set for spare”. Then I keep  one extra spare set for biggest bed in the house (e.g. queen sized), and even if one of the kids  has a vomit or spills glitter glue (don’t ask) while their spare set is in the wash, I can always use that in the mean time on any bed.


Yes, of course you can break up a set if you love the pillow cases but not the doona.

Guests? They can use the spare set.


Blankets and duvets/doonas – the homeless need surplus blankets more than you. Don’t save everything in anticipation of buying a beach house ‘one day’ -  you can ask for more on free-cycle (or as a house warming gift, from all the people who will want to borrow the house).

Old baby blankets can be really hard to part with. Take a photograph, or cut a swatch for a keepsake. You could stitch a swatch to a pillow case as a decorative border.


If you manage your linen carefully you can do away with the linen closed and keep the spare set folded flat under the foot of the mattress on each bed. Storing them there makes it easy to get to them in case of midnight mishaps, and acts as a natural de-cluttering method – if you have too  much linen under the mattress your feet start to stick up in the air.


I bought a new duvet cover recently, which we needed, but it came with pillow cases, which we didn’t, so I’m going to play “one in one out” and de-clutter the pillow cases today.

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