Bedroom de-cluttering: What is the biggest item of clutter in your bedroom?

Posted on June 10, 2012 by Arlene Tenchavez | 0 Comments

Today is the last day I’m going to spend working on our bedroom.


Getting everyone in the house to throw out 5 items from their midden is working really well (I can almost see the wood on my husband’s bedside table, and the big kid is doing well too).  If you are joining us in de-cluttering a problem spot 5 items at a time, go grab your 5 items now and deal with them.  I hope you are starting to see progress there too.


Now take a look around your bedroom and decide what the biggest single item of clutter is.  Is there a pair of shoes that you keep falling over?  A cushion that always ends up thrown on the floor because you don’t use it on the bed?  Curtains that you’ve replaced but never disposed of?  Library books that need to go back.


Remember our mantra: Rubbish, Recycle, Return, Re-home or Donate – figure out which you need to do with the item, and go for it – make some extra space to enjoy.


I’m going to put away the summer bedspread now that I’ve finally got it washed and dried.

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