De-cluttering the entrance way

Posted on June 12, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Now it’s time to get rid of everything else that is cluttering up your entrance way.


I find that sunscreen tends to mount up.  It doesn’t keep, so since it is the end of summer I’m going to get rid of all the almost empty tubes.


Do you have bags that don’t get used? There is a limit to how many handbags, backpacks and shopping bags we need. If you have too many, or some that just don’t get used, empty them out and put them in the donation box.  If you do use them periodically (I have a small handbag which gets used for a girls night out) then put them away somewhere that you can get to easily. 


Especially if you go to conferences it is easy to end up with lots of spare promotional backpacks and laptop bags that you don’t use. Make someone else’s day and put them in the donation box. 

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