De-cluttering – Kids, pets or hobby supplies

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This is going to be a ‘pick and mix’ week.

Not all of us have kids, not all of us have pets, and not all of us have hobbies. But I’m guessing that if you don’t have kids or pets you probably have time for more hobbies.

I’m a little under the weather – I was one of the organizers of the school Flea Market over the weekend, which was a runaway success but the house and family have suffered. I’ve also picked up a dose of pneumonia somewhere, so this week is going to start off with some very light jobs, and with a little luck move on to something more challenging through the week.


De-cluttering kids.

People take different approaches to de-cluttering their kids. Some prefer to get rid of the youngest, on the basis that they are more work. Others find it is only too easy to part with their teenager …

Sorry, seriously now…. de-cluttering kids’ bedrooms.  What has accumulated on their windowsills?  Is there a broken toy, defunct craft project or take home from after school science that can quietly go in the bin?  Are there stickers on the window that can quietly be removed? It would be nice to throw open the curtains without knocking things over or grimacing at the state of the window.


De-cluttering Pets

I’m going to get you to have a look at your grooming kit. Chances are you have a brush that your pet doesn’t like, or shampoo or other primping tools that you never actually use.  Get rid of the rubbish so you can get to you need more easily.


Hobby supplies

Are you a fabric hoarder?  I’ve heard the theory that she who dies with the most fat squares wins, but can you actually find the ones you need?  Just grab 10 bits of fabric that are too small to do anything with (you really aren’t going to use them for appliqué you know) and put them in the bin.

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