De-cluttering Kids pets and hobbies– rubbish, medication and unused sports equipment

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Kids: Do you have  a rubbish bin in the kids room?  If not, find one and put it there, and toss in 10 bits of rubbish. Make it their responsibility to empty it.  Often it isn’t ‘clutter’ that is messing up a room, just plain old trash that hasn’t made it out the door.




Pets: Do you have old medications hanging around?  Possibly even taking up valuable fridge space? They are poisonous to curious pets and kids, and may or may not have lost their effectiveness. Dispose of them safely




Hobbies:  I want you to go on a hunt for one hobby that you no longer do, think you should do, and which is making you guilty. Haven’t used those barbells?  Really don’t think rollerblading is for you?  Donate the equipment and reduce the guilt in your life.

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