De-cluttering Kids, Pets and Hobbies: books, books, and books

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We are all doing the same thing today – a book hunt.

First find all the books that have to go back to the library, whether it be kids books to the school library, or hobby books to the public library.

Bag them, and put them where they will get returned, whether it be on the school bag hook, in the boot of the car, or in the gym bag that you carry when you walk past the library. You may need to put a note in your schedule to make a trip if the library is not something you pass on the way to other places.

Now have a look around for books that need to go back to their owners.  Especially if it has been a month and you STILL haven’t got around to reading it, accept that you just aren’t THAT keen on learning how to toilet train your cat or make a quilled birthday card and give the book back.  Once again, have a think about where to put the books so that they actually go back, rather than lurking around beside the front door.


Last but not least, grab 5 books that you or your kids won’t re-read and put them in the donation box.


Books accumulate so fast – it is a constant battle to keep them under control.

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