De-cluttering Kids, pets and hobbies

Posted on June 21, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Those de-cluttering Kid’s and pets have the same job today – de-clutter surplus bedding.


We tend to keep old blankets or duvets for ‘spare’ or ‘guests’, then never really use them.  So either pass them on to a charity, or pass the kids’ ones on to the pets and the pets ones on to the bin.


Hobbies:  Bags – do you have 4 gym bags, 3 sewing totes, or 6 golf bags?  Most of which are full of junk rather than actually used?  A rolling stone gathers no moss, and you can’t hide junk in a bag you don’t have. Decide which ones you don’t need, and pass them on to someone who will use them.

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