Kids, Pets and Hobbies: Emergency plans and contact information

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We all have the same same job today, whether it be for ourselves, our kids or our hairy (I don’t know how many Rs there are in fury/furry)  friends  – update your emergency contact information and make it accessible.


Consider the scenario where you are out and have a mishap and end up in hospital, or need urgent medical attention or the kids or hairy ones do. Or worse still, you both do.    It is all very well to have the information in your head or on the fridge door, but in moments of stress the phone number of the doctor,  vet or an emergency babysitter tend to evaporate in a haze of adrenaline, and the fridge door isn’t much help if the kitchen is on fire.  I’m not paranoid – stuff happens around here!


I don’t care whether you put it on paper or put it on your phone, but make a list of the following for each member of the family, including the hairy ones and yourself.  And give the list to your emergency contact too.


Here is a rough list of what it should contain:


Emergency contact

Alternate emergency contact (Dad, Mum, Grandma, Friends …)

Doctor / Vet /Dentist phone number and address.

Babysitter/Petsitter – if you are the one who is out of action it is a great help to know who can look after kid or pet in the mean time.

Medications – what are they currently on, and is any of it urgent/critical

Allergies – what is the allergy and is it life threatening or merely inconvenient.

Medicare / Health insurance numbers


If you store it under “ICE”  (In Case of Emergency) on your phone, first responders are in theory trained to look for that.

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