Kitchen De-cluttering: The top of the fridge

Posted on June 30, 2012 by Arlene Tenchavez | 0 Comments

My excuse is that my butt is too close to the ground, so I don’t notice the top of the fridge unless I need to climb on a ladder for something.

Today I’m going to get out the step stool and de-clutter the top of the fridge.


It is a safety thing too. The fire extinguisher is stored on top of the fridge in a wine gift box, so that I can get it out quickly.  The fire blanket lives up there too (fortunately I haven’t had to use that yet, but I’m not going to speak too soon). Keeping the top of the fridge clear means that if I have to yank either down in a hurry I don’t get a hail of other stuff too.


I’m not sure what else is lurking up there, but I’m going to get the step stool and find out.


I’m also going to check  that the fridge isn’t pushed too hard up against the wall. Fridges and freezers need about 10 cm of clear space behind them to work efficiently - if your kids play crash tackle in the kitchen or if you’ve moved it during cleaning it might be pushed too close to the wall.  Cut your electricity bills and move it out again.

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