Bathroom de-cluttering – Toothbrushes

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I’m kicking off a new course at CityEast this week, so that means we are back in the bathroom.  Welcome S, J and L  and welcome back to T and A. 


Today I threw out the old fuzzy toothbrushes and replaced them from the stash under the sink.   If you can see the bristles from the back of your toothbrush it is time for a new one.

I've added replacements to the shopping list as well.

The toothbrush holder (ewwwww, nasty) is going in the dishwasher.  Hurriedly.


If you have a stock of airline travel toothbrushes that you’ve accumulated and never used (and which are unopened) they can go in the donation box. Families who foster kids  and women’s refuges need them.


This is an easy job – I bet you can do it while you are waiting for the shower to warm up or watching the kids in the bath.

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