Bathroom de-cluttering: The medicine cabinet

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Medicines are poisons in little hands. And none to healthy in befuddled big hands either.

Get rid of everything you’ve finished taking. Don’t be tempted to self prescribe during future illnesses. Check use by dates on over the counter medicines while you are at it.

Old cough drops are my pet hate (and yes, someone who shall be nameless has bought 3 new packets).  They go sticky and attract Ants (lots of them).  As pets go, I’d rather have fish – they die faster than Ants, at least around here.


Pharmacies will accept old medications for safe disposal.


And while you are at it – program the poisons hotline number into your phone – in Australia it is 131126. It is so much easier to speed dial it than look it up when you’ve discovered the kid chugging Neurophen (I really hope DOCS never reads this blog).

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