Kitchen de-cluttering: Spices

Posted on August 03, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

My spices sit in the narrow cupboard above the extractor fan and fall on my head when ever I open the cupboard door too quickly.


it is lovely to cook with herbs and spices, but I suspect we all have one or two (or ten) spices in there that we bought in a fit of enthusiasm and have never used since.


Take them out and pass them on to a foodie friend who will use them.  They will be better in her pot than in your cupboard (and who knows, you might even get to help eat them!).


If your spices are in caddies and you can only see the lids, grab your labeller or a permanent marker and write the names on the lids so you can see what you actually have. (Anne – I’m staring at you right now).

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