Car clutter– there but for the grace of god

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I pride myself on being able to change a tyre, owning a jack, and always having a functional spare.


All of this becomes mere clutter when you can’t get the wheel-nuts off.  And I couldn’t even undo spare tyre bolt to lift that out.  Thank god for the NRMA who turned up at high speed when I mentioned the word ‘toddler in the car’.

So schedule 15 minutes this weekend, take the time to find out if your wheel nuts are so tight you can’t remove them.  Also, check that there is air in the spare, and you have a functional jack and wrench.  If you can’t undo the nuts, take your car back to the tyre store and politely ask them to remedy the situation.


And if you live a long way from help, consider asking for a rattle gun nut remover for Christmas.  A minor annoyance in the city becomes a real safety issue in the back of beyond.


I’m also a fan of tucking an old oversized shirt, or painters overall in the boot with the spare (under the cover even) – I was resplendent in my white work shirt when it happened, and really didn’t want to get covered in grease.


And a big thanks to grandma who came to rescue the litle guy so he didn’t have to sit and wait in the cold.

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