De-cluttering–a thought on shredders, and how to turn memorabilia clutter into wonderful stories

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This week we are going to tackle memorabilia – photos whether they be electronic or on paper, tickets, pamphlets, old maps – all the things we collect through the years to tell our story and never get around to doing anything with.


First stop – if you need to know how to tackle memorabilia, or just want a reminder, take a look at How to declutter memorabilia and photos


I want you to take a few minutes today and think about why you are keeping photos, and who for.  I make albums because I love to be able to look at the story of my kid’s development, and it reminds me of things we’ve done as a family (and of exotic travels pre-kids). And because we tend to take photos of the good stuff, it is a great pick-me-up when I’ve done a lot of shouting at the kids that day and am SURE they will chose the nursing home with blunt needles for me.   


But albums are not the only way of telling a story. A friend puts her photos (with captions) on a DVD per year, and they have them playing in the background during dinner. It is a great family conversation starter.


Knowing your goals is a huge step with managing memorabilia clutter, because until we know WHY we are keeping them and who for it is very difficult to get motivated to do anything.



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RMG from the WEA daytime de-cluttering course sent me this thought on shredders, and I though you’d all get a kick out of it.  We need to keep our goals in mind at all times!


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