Wardrobe de-clutter: What do I have from last summer?

Posted on August 26, 2012 by Arlene Tenchavez | 0 Comments

My next step in the wardrobe spring update is to get out the storage bags  and find out what Summer clothes I own.  Some people like to store their out of season clothes in space bag, some move them to a  specific end of the wardrobe, and others keep them in the top of the wardrobe in suitcases. What ever works for you works, but just don’t mix out of season clothes through your wardrobe all year – you need to be able to see and get to the clothes you are wearing in any given season.


So today I’m going to get out the Summer Clothes bags, try everything on, and cull out anything that really should have been donated or dumped at the end of last Summer.

Now if I could just remember where I’d put them…




Reminder: This is where you can download the How to manage your wardrobe guide.

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