Decluttering Attics, Garages and Balconies–who is storing empty cardboard boxes?

Posted on September 16, 2012 by Kim Carruthers | 0 Comments

Way back when electronic gismos first became available they often arrived defective - up to 1/3 needed to be sent back in some cases.


So it made sense to keep the box until you were quite sure it wasn’t going to break.


Now items almost always work straight out of the box (thanks Edward Demming), and in the very odd instance that they don’t, the manufacturer are so chastened they may even send you a box with pre-paid, pre-printed shipping instructions in which to send it back.


So it doesn’t make sense any more to keep all those boxes.


If you really can’t persuade yourself (or the other half) to dispose of them, at least cut the tape on the bottom and fold them flat.


Who has the oldest cardboard box? Use the comments field to tell us about your oldest item (bonus points if you no longer even have the  gismo that originally came in it).

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